At STYLEDRY we are committed to change your hair routine with our revolutionaire products. Life is not always about spending time on your hair, we want to do bigger things than that #LAZYBUTGENIUS

What kind of products does STYLEDRY offer?

We created THE must haves for your handbag, luggage or sport bag. What about our world's first Dry Shampoo Compact Powder; a dry shampoo in powder form that can be easily applied with a brush that comes with the compact. Or the Blot & Go; an oil absorbing blotting paper sprinkled with dry shampoo. Last but not least we have the Turban Shower Cap; love the idea of a shower cap but hate the reality? Us too. Now you can take a shower and still look fashionable while your hair is protected in the Lycra cap.

What makes STYLEDRY so special?

Our products are created for every kind of occassion; whenever you are on a plane, taking the cab or just finished working out. You can apply our products the whole day, any place you want! Within a snap you will achieve the salon fresh hair.

How long do the products lasts?

Our compact powders will last 12 months after opening the packaging. Our Blot & Go will lasts forever if you keep the sachets closed. The Turban Shower Cap has to be changed after 3 months intensive use to keep the cap waterproof.

Are the STYLEDRY products vegan?

Our Dry Shampoo Compact powder is vegan, paraben-free and sulphate-free!

Are STYLEDRY products tested on animals?

We created our products without harming any kind of animal, we love them!

Where is the office based?

Our HQ is based in The Netherlands, Gelderland.