Have you received your order but it's not quite what you hoped for or it’s broken? That's a shame but it happens. Please send an e-mail to stalkus@styledry.com stating your name, invoice number, the name of the product and why you're returning it.

As soon as you've sent us this e-mail you. You can send the product back to:
Glashorst 126
3925 BV, Scherpenzeel GL

Don't forget to include your invoice (or a copy of it) in the return. This makes it easier for us to process your return. As soon as we receive and have processed your return, we'll book the purchase amount back to your account within one workday. If the product is broken we can swap it. Tell us exactly which item you are returning and which item you want to exchange for it. We are happy to send it to you.  

Return policy
·     The item has not been worn or used.
·     All tags / labels are still attached to the item.
·     The item will be returned within 14 days to us.
·     The item will be returned to us in the correct state.