dry shampoo

Hair history is being re-written right now.Instead of being slaves to shampoo, conditioner and daily styling rituals, we’re giving ourselves permission to put down the dryer and have a day off (or two or three). 

This does NOT mean we’re willing to walk around with greasy roots. It simply requires some badass products that help make our untouched hair look and feel healthy. Because no-one wants to turn down a lastminute coffee date. #LAZYBUTGENIUS

Dry Shampoo compact powder. 

Ready for a world's first? How about this easy-to-use vegan dry shampoo powder in compact form? Making your greasy roots disappear with a single swipe of the brush, check yourself out in the handy mirror if you need convincing of its super powders. 


✔ minimal product spillage
✔ translucent powder 
✔ precise application brush
✔ handy mirror 
✔ on the go
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Blot & Go Blotting Papers. 

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Oil-absorbing single-use blotting papers sprinkled with dry shampoo, say goodbye to greasy roots on the go. Pop them in your pocket, gym bag, even your passport holder and get salon-fresh hair in seconds.


 single use blotting sheets 

✔ oil absorbing with dry shampoo

✔ quick fix 

✔ on the go
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What is STYLEDRY? 

Call it lazy or just sheer genius but at STYLEDRY we’recommitted to creating quick fix products that mean you canstretch out your blow-dry in style. No greasiness, no flat rootsand no damage from over-washing, it’s time to give yourhairdryer the day off

What products does STYLEDRY offer?

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Why should I use the STYLEDRY Dry Shampoo

• Bye Bye frizz. Humidity in the shower causes frizz, but with the Turban Shower cap, frizz is something you won’t have to worry about anymore. 

• Are you just as crazy about just blow-dried hair as we are? Protect your blow dry and you will enjoy it for longer! 

• Oils are a-ok. Your scalp understands that. If you wash out the natural oils, your scalp will work overtime to make up for the deficiency. The secret to shiny and healthy hair? Washing it less!

• If something kills your color quickly, it is washing your hair too often too hot. Rather, grab the Turban Shower Cap now and then. You will be rewarded with a long-lasting, bright and shiny color.

How long can I use the STYLEDRY Dry Shampoo? 

The Turban Shower Cap has to be changed after 3 months intensive use to keep the cap waterproof. 

Are STYLEDRY products tested on animals? 

We created our products without harming any kind of animal, we love them!