How to get rid of greasy roots and straggly ends?

Costing us time, money and effort when, let's face it, we could be creating an empire rather than obsessing over misbehaving hair.

Greasy hair is actually a luxury dilemma. The scalp produces what the hair urgently needs - nourishing oils - but just too much of it. The result: our hair-do ends up straggly while the roots are flat and oily. The good news: greasy hair is a condition that can be managed. 



Why the scalp works overtime.

What we call oily hair is actually a scalp problem. There are sebaceous glands. The oil they produce is good and important because it makes the hair smooth and shiny. It protects the scalp from external influences. But too much fat makes the hair look greasy. Hair health means scalp health. 

Greasy roots and dry ends are not a match made in heaven. 

In addition, there is often a second problem. Greasy hair is more sensitive to external influences and at the same time can be dry and dull in length. The hair then becomes thin, breaks or the ends start splitting. Not pretty. 

4 common mistakes that cause greasy hair:

1. Washing too often 

How often should you wash your hair? “Daily” is definitely the wrong answer here. Your scalp is pretty savvy. Washing greasy hair with shampoo takes away its natural oils and it’ll work overtime to produce more so you don’t go without. Lubricated hair is healthy hair FYI. So, stop washing them away and you’ll find the perfect balance. No dryness. No grease. Start using Dry Shampoo Compact Powder or use Blot & Go blotting papers instead of washing your hair with shampoo & conditioner daily. #LAZYBUTGENIUS


2. Too hot water

OK, so nothing lasts forever but if anything is going to drain the life out of your locks or your dye job it’s washing hair in high temperatures. Soon your hair cuticles will become too weak and vulnerable to hold in that hue. Less showers, more colour, more volume. Protect your hair from humidity that causes frizz with a Turban Shower Cap. 


3. Using shampoo and conditioner the wrong way

It is not necessary to shampoo your entire head most of the time. Neither is it necessary to apply conditioner onto your scalp and the roots of your hair. The Shampoo tends to dry out hair ends. It’s enough to dig deep into the shampoo bottle once per week to detoxify your hair from product build-up. For the rest of the week it’s enough to apply shampoo only on the hair roots. The conditioner tends to make oily roots even oilier. So skip the scalp and apply conditioner to the hair lengths only. 

4. Dirty hair tools 

Take a close look at your hair brush and be honest to yourself: does it spark joy? If the answer is no - you know what to do. Clean you brush, remove old hair and product build. Replace your brush regularly. Make cleaning your brush a habit. Dust, dried up products, knotted hair is nothing you would consider putting on your face so please do your hair that favour. 

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