How to get long hair?

A lot of ladies know this: If you want your hair to get longer, it can't go fast enough. Sure, extensions are an option. A rather expensive one, though. So the question arises: how can you get long, healthy hair as quickly as possible?


How fast does hair grow?

On average about 0.5-1 inches per month on the head. Anyone who starts to calculate and believes that they could easily gain 5 to 7 inches in length every year is wrong. Because then the calculation was made without breaking hair and other accidents.

What if the hair doesn’t want to grow?

And what if the hair just doesn't want to grow? Don't worry: you are in good company. The good news is avoiding some common mistakes can help to get that Rapunzel-do, this time really.

6 things to avoid if you want to grow your hair:

1. Not getting a cut regularly

This might sound absurd, but if you want long hair, you have to make sure that it is healthy. If you have the tips cut regularly split ends have no chance and your hair looks fuller and healthier. This also prevents the hair from breaking off in an uncontrolled manner.

2. Over-washing and over-styling

The more you wash your hair, the more likely it is to lose its natural oils aka it dries out. Those who blow dry every day will quickly face a disaster of split ends and a dull look. Try to stretch out your blow-dry by using Dry Shampoo Compact Powder or Blotting Paper. Your hair will thank you.


3. Wrong products and tools

Curling irons, straighteners and hair dryers may provide dream hair for a short time. In the long term, however, they can make hair dry and dull. Give your locks a break from time to time and try to let it air dry. Also only use high quality shampoo and good conditioner. Products without parabens in particular.

4. Not having a haircare routine

Get one. Incorporate a care regimen every 2 to 3 hair washes that includes detoxifying your hair from product build-up, conditioning the long ends and (deep) masking. Tip: hair mask + shower cap = a true love story. Let the hair mask sink in under a shower cap so your hair can soak up more of all the goodness. And another tip for well-groomed ends: Massage olive oil into the hair ends 20 minutes before shampooing and wash it out while shampooing - this keeps the ends smooth.


5. Diet and Nutrition

Minerals and vitamins play a crucial role in the formation of your hair and healthy hair growth. After all, if your hair is healthy through a balanced diet and proper care, it will break and split less and will, therefore, have to be cut less frequently. Consider taking supplements that support hair growth.

6. Your hairstyle

Tightly brushed hair that is fixed with a firm band suffers and grows slower than hair that enjoys more freedom. Wear your hair open as often as possible. And if it has to be tamed (for example during sports), use gentle hairbands or clips.


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